How to get a pension on the card of Sberbank?

  1. Can I get a pension on the card of Sberbank?
  2. How to get a pension on the card Sberbank
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  4. If the pension is issued on the Passbook?

In Russia, a sufficiently large number of recipients of pensions, government subsidies and other social benefits. Each of them chooses the most preferable way to interact with the Pension Fund in terms of cash delivery - a bank card, savings book, cash in the mail or delivery to the apartment.

But each of the alternatives has limitations and inconveniences - the pensioner is “attached” to the place of residence, he has to plan trips in advance in order to receive payment in time. Receiving a pension through Sberbank to the card is more convenient, since the money will be credited to the account on the appointed day, no matter what country in the world you are. The card will eliminate the need to pay bills at the post office, visits to the cash offices of organizations - because there will always be a convenient online bank at hand.

Can I get a pension on the card of Sberbank?

So, you have a retirement pension or other payment from the state. Under current law, you can issue a payment with delivery by Russian Post or get a WORLD card. Previously, the pensioner could choose the type of card, but now there is no alternative (see Federal Law No. 88-FZ of May 1, 2017 “On Amendments to Article 161 of the Law of the Russian Federation“ On Protection of Consumer Rights ”and Federal Law“ On National payment system ").

You can choose the bank yourself - many credit institutions have pension cards, however, Sberbank is considered more reliable, has the largest number of ATMs and offers free service cards, which positively distinguishes it from the mass of competitors.

How to get a pension on the card Sberbank

If you appreciate all the advantages of crediting a pension to the Sberbank card, you decide to become a modern pensioner - we will describe the transfer process in detail.

Before you get a Sberbank pension card, you must confirm the right to receive a labor pension in the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation. By submitting all the necessary documents to the Pension Fund, you receive a temporary certificate and a note in the PF database on the appointment of payments. If you are a current pensioner, you already have all this.

Your actions:

  • Receive a document on the appointment of a pension (current pensioners are not needed);
  • In Sberbank - write an application for the card;
  • To apply for the transfer of a pension to the card account - at Sberbank, MFC, PF RF or through state services;
  • Get a card;
  • Wait for the processing of the application and the first payment to the card.

Now you can get a card and write an application for the transfer of a pension to a Sberbank card at any branch of the bank. It is not necessary to re-go to PF to transfer the account details - Sberbank will do it for you. Particularly suspicious customers can in the old manner - take the application personally to the PF or the MFC. Also, it is realistic to transfer the pension to the Sberbank card via State Services, by sending an application online from the personal account of the user of the portal.

According to your passport and number, the bank will issue a MIR pension card with free service. The card will be ready within 5 days, and the bank will open the account number immediately.

Then - it remains to wait for the application to be processed by the Pension Fund - this is the most long process in the whole history of the transition. In some cases, up to 45 days. As soon as the Pension Fund processes the application and completes the necessary documents, you will begin to receive payments to your card (in case of a delay in processing, the payments will be received in full in due time).

In fact, there is nothing difficult in how to transfer a pension from the post office to Sberbank - one visit to the Pension Fund and two visits to the bank (application and receiving a card). The most unpleasant thing is waiting, but you have to go through it only once.

If the pension is issued on the Passbook?

You are the current client of Sberbank if you have a savings book. To use the card, you do not need to change the account and go through the entire procedure described. It is enough to issue any card (not necessarily MIR), register with the Internet bank and take such a simple action as transferring the “From account to account” pension via Sberbank online.

The account of the passbook will be displayed in your account, you can set up a regular auto payment to the card. Relevant only if the registration of the passbook and maps in one region.

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