Education abroad after grade 11

Many graduates are interested in the question: "Is it possible to go to study abroad right after grade 11? ” Some of them have heard that not all universities accept foreigners who have just graduated from school, others are not sure of their level of English or simply fear competition in the admission process.

In short, there are more questions than answers. In this article we will try to figure out - is it really possible to start studying abroad after grade 11 and, most importantly, is it worth it?

Much depends on the country

If you want to enter a foreign university after graduation, you probably know which country you would like to live and study in.

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However, it is worth remembering that whether you can enroll in a foreign university immediately after graduating from Russian school depends largely on the country and the rules of a particular educational institution.

The fact is that not in all countries the education system assumes entering the university immediately after school, especially for foreign students. There are several reasons for this:

1. First, 11 classes of the Russian school are 11 or 10 (if the school “jumps” 4 class) years of study. In some countries this educational experience is not enough to apply for admission to a higher educational institution.

2. Secondly, the education system of some countries provides for an “intermediate link” between school and university education. This may be a study at a polytechnic or compulsory courses for preparing for university studies (usually applies to foreign students)

For example, in America there is an optional, but desirable system of preparatory pre-university courses - Community college . Such courses involve not only preparing for university studies, but also improving the academic performance of students, and practically guarantee successful admission to university.

In the meantime, in Singapore, all those who wish to enter the university must undergo preliminary training in the country. For foreign students, this is expressed in the passage of annual Foundation courses, studies at a local high school (1-2 years) or at a polytechnic in a chosen specialty. Only after that the student has the right to apply to one of the Singapore universities.

At the same time, there are countries where you can enroll in universities immediately after graduating from the Russian school. These include, for example, England , Australia , Canada , New Zealand , Czech Republic and Finland. In these countries, as well as in the USA, there is an option to take preparatory language or academic courses, however, this condition is not mandatory for submitting documents to the university.

Much depends on the student.

Note that not all graduates of Russian schools have a real opportunity to enter a foreign university immediately after the 11th grade. The highest chances, of course, are those who have set a goal in advance - to go abroad to study. Such students, even a few years before graduation, choose the country and even the university of interest, begin to diligently study the required foreign language and bring their academic indicators to meet the requirements of the university.

If you didn’t do all of this, but simply wanted to study abroad at the end of grade 11, let's face it - your chances of a quick admission are slim. Studying in another country, especially in a prestigious university, usually involves a serious preparation process, without which entering a university is very difficult.

You will be able to enter university after grade 11 if:

  1. Your knowledge of English or another language is quite good.
  2. You have a certificate of passing a language exam (TOEFL, IELTS, etc.) with a good score.
  3. Your academic performance is high enough.
  4. You can expect to receive a letter of recommendation characterizing you as a serious and purposeful student.
  5. You have decided on a place to study abroad
  6. You or your parents have the financial opportunity to pay for studies abroad

In case you do not meet this list, but dream about studying abroad, do not despair! For several years of hard work, you can quite raise your language and academic level, pass the necessary exams, find a suitable foreign university. In such a case, it is for you that preparation courses for university entrance may be useful, and scholarships and grants for foreign students can help you out with financing your studies.

Should I act immediately after grade 11?

Consider the main advantages and disadvantages of leaving for study abroad immediately after graduation from the Russian school.


  1. You do not spend precious years and purposefully go to your dream
  2. You do not have time to get out of the process of intense study and withdraw from it
  3. You will receive a bachelor's degree at the age at which many others only go to college
  4. You will quickly back up your theoretical knowledge of a foreign language with practical skills.


  1. In addition to preparing for the final exams, in grade 11 you will be busy with the laborious process of entering a foreign university
  2. Due to age or psychological unpreparedness, abrupt change of residence and study can cause stress
  3. You do not have time to escape and take a break from studying. For two years (11th grade and 1 year at the university) you will be busy studying hard, passing many exams, tests, collecting and submitting documents
  4. You must be prepared for the fact that you may not be able to enroll in a university on the first attempt, in case your language or academic indicators are not good enough.

Admission to the University

If you still decide to start studying at a foreign university immediately after graduating from a Russian school, follow this instruction:

  1. As soon as possible, choose a university in a country in which you can start studying at a university immediately after the 11th grade of a Russian school.
  2. It is worth it to go to this country and visit the university to be sure of your decision.
  3. Exercise to study the required foreign language
  4. During the period of study in grade 11, obtain the necessary certificates of passing international language exams.
  5. Familiarize yourself with university requirements for international students and bring your indicators to these requirements.
  6. Get some good, well-written reference letters from your teachers.
  7. Learn about the necessary documents to apply to the university, collect them and submit them on time.
  8. In advance, you should study the issue of obtaining a passport and a visa required for entering the country of study.

How to choose a country of study?

Instructions for admission to England

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If you have not decided on a country, then download one of the Hotcourses Russia guides for free. They contain the most important information about studying in England, USA and Australia.

They contain the most important information about studying in England, USA and Australia

Options for preparatory programs:

International Baccalaureate Program


In this article we will try to figure out - is it really possible to start studying abroad after grade 11 and, most importantly, is it worth it?
Why not download free university brochures?
Should I act immediately after grade 11?
How to choose a country of study?